Light Duty & Cavity

Product Example Product Description Guide
Insulation Fixings – All Metal and Nylon
Nylon Plug
IKA Block Plug
Nylon Plasterboard Self Drill Plug
Metal Plasterboard Self Drill Plug
Nylon Hammer-in Fixing Screw
Metal Hammer Fixing (Security Anchor)
IKA Express Nail
Masonary Nails
Frame Fixings 2 Wings
PVCu Frame Fixings
Coach Screws

(White Zinc, Hot Dipped and Stainless steel)

Eye and Hook Screws
Nylon Toggle Cavity Fixing
All Metal Cavity Fixing
Spring Toggle Cavity Fixing
Gravity Toggle Cavity Fixing
Express Tie Wire Anchor Ceiling Hanger
Throughbolt Type Tie Wire Ceiling Hanger
Purling Clip and Buckle Ceiling Hanger