Mechanical Expansion Anchors

Product NameProduct ImageProduct DescriptionGuide
IKA Loose Bolt Expansion AnchorIKA-LOOSE-BOLT-ANCHORIKA Mechanical Expansion Shield Anchor with hex head. High performance Mechanical expansion bolt anchor.PDF_small
304 Stainless Steel Expansion AnchorSTAINLESS-STEEL-SHIELD-ANCHORIKA Stainless steel Mechanical  Expansion Shield Anchor. High performance stainless steel expansion bolt anchor.
IKA Bolt Projection Expansion AnchorIKA-BOLT-PROJECTION-ANCHORIKA Mechanical Expansion Shield Anchor with Throughbolt.
IKA Eye Bolt Expansion AnchorIKA-EYE-BOLT-ANCHORIKA Mechanical Expansion Shield Anchor Eye Bolt.
IKA Forged Eye Bolt Expansion AnchorIKA-FORGED-EYE-ANCHORIKA Mechanical Expansion Shield Anchor Forged Eye Bolt.
304 Stainless Steel Eye Expansion AnchorSTAINLESS-STEEL-EYE-SHIELD-ANCHOR-SM-FILEIKA Mechanical Stainless Steel Shield Anchor Eye Bolt.
IKA Hook Bolt Expansion AnchorIKA-HOOK-BOLT-ANCHORIKA Mechanical Expansion SHIELD Anchor Hook bolt.
IKA Sleeve Anchorbolt-proj-sleeve-anchor1IKA Mechanical Sleeve Anchors for use in brick or concrete, zinc plated and Stainless Steel.
IKA Sleeve Anchor Countersunk LooseboltSleeve-Anchor-CountersunkIKA Mechanical Counter sunk Sleeve anchors: PDF Doc for detailed list on Sleeve Anchors.
IKA Dropin Wedge AnchorRAWL-DROP-INS2IKA Mechanical Drop In/Wedge Anchors, zinc plated and stainless steel.
ATA Throughbolt ETA APPROVALThroughbolt IKA Mechanical Throughbolts/Wedge anchors ETA approved.
ATB, ATG, 304SS, 316SS ThroughboltIKA-THROUGH-BOLT-LONG-THREAD IKA Mechanical Throughbolt/Wedge Anchors in zinc plated steel, Hot Dip Galvanised, A2 and A4 stainless steel.