Direct Fastening OLD


Product Name Product Image Product Description Guide
Single Cartridge Shot Tool IKA VP-3 VARIABLE POWER SINGLE SHOT GUN, POWDER ACTUATED TOOL, nail gun, shot fixing, direct fastening tool.
Magazine Cartridge Shot Tool  Magazine_Power_Tool_MX1 IKA VPMX1 VARIABLE POWER MAGAZINE POWDER ACTUATED TOOL, magazine nail gun, magazine shot Fixing tool for repetitive fastening applications.
Pole Cartridge Tool  Pole_Power_Tool IKA CT-655 POLE POWDER ACTUATED TOOL, SHOT FIXING POLE TOOL  for easy overhead fastening applications.
Red and Yellow Cartridge shot IKA RED POWER LOAD STRIPS for High Performance, IKA YELLOW POWER LOAD STRIPS for Normal performance, with 10 shots per strip for use in all powder actuated tools.
27mm Concrete Nails 1 IKA 27, 32 and 52mm CONCRETE POWDER ACTUATED NAILS, available as loose nails or POWDER ACTUATED NAIL STRIPS for magazine tools.
16mm Steel Nails 2 IKA 13, 16 and 19mm STEEL POWDER ACTUATED NAILS, available as loose nails or POWDER ACTUATED NAIL STRIPS for magazine tools.
Pre Assembled Ceiling Brackets IKA 27 and 32mm CEILING BRACKETS for easy hanging of suspended ceilings.
Insulation Fixings IKA ZP42 INSULATION FIXING 42mm long nail with 35mm insulation washer for quick fastening of insulation or waterproofing to concrete.
Conduit Bracket IKA CONDUIT BRACKET popular secure fixing for conduit to ceiling or walls. 12/19/25 and 34mm conduit.
Hand Held Fixpin Tool without the Shot DON QUICHOTTE FIXPIN TOOL, SHOT FIXING WITHOUT THE SHOT, direct nail fixing into concrete by hand.
Fixpin Nails 22 and 27mm DON QUICHOTTE FIXPIN NAILS for simple fastening into concrete.
IKA Threaded Stud Nails IKA THREADED STUD POWDER ACTUATED NAILS for use into steel. For use with An 8mm Nut and washer.  
IKA Grating Clip IKA GRATING CLIPS for effective holding down of grating with bolts or Powder Actuated Fastening.  
IKA Coil Pallet Wood Nails IKA Coil Pallet Wood Nails with effective wood joining strength for superior pallet building. Nails come with improved ribbing design to enhance wood pallet building construction. Sharp point allows for improved shooting of nail with pneumatic gun. Supply in raw steel and yellow passivated.